Do you want us to design your website for personal, business or commercial purpose? The first step we will do is to register your domain. So, you must look if your required name is on the market or not. If the name isn’t already registered, you can proceed buying our web design services. Once the name is decided, the next step is to register domain. Our firm will register the desired name on your behalf. Please note that Domain name registration is only available as option of our Web design Packs. We don’t sell stand alone Domain name registration service.

When you register a Domain with our Web Agency, you benefit from a full range of services for free. You don’t have to do anything or to get worried by any maintenance activity!

We take in charge the full management of your domain and you remain the unique owner of your name. At any moment you can decide to detach your domain from our supervision at no cost. You can also decide for free to move your domain to another registrar or Web Agency.

Services included for any Domain Registration:

  • Configuration of the Dns and Cname to point to your website
  • Configuration of your professional emails
  • SSL Certificate Installation
  • Whois Privacy
  • Renewal Management and Payment

To facilitate your digital journey, we have created three categories of domain names:

  1. Standard Domain
  2. Advanced Domain
  3. Special Domain

Each category has a unique price for domain registration. You must opt carefully for the category of the domain name you want during the buying process of your website. Based on your choice, you will be billed accordingly. No refund will be granted for mistake. Please check on if your domain name is available and ensure your are eligible for the registration of the extension you want. Most of the common extensions do not require any specific element. Others, as local-geo targeted domain names are restricted to nationals or residents of the country of the extension. Example, if you want a .fr you need to have an address in France. If you need any arrangement of residence for your a local domain please contact us, we have always a solution!


Standard Domain List

Standard Generic Extension

.com | .info | .mobi | .biz | .net | .pro | .org

.agency .audio .blue .capetown .casa .center .click .club .cologne .company .directory .durban .education .email .exposed .futbol .gallery .gdn .gift .graphics .institute .international .joburg .juegos .kim .koeln .lighting .link .management .men .moe .nagoya .name .ninja .one .onl .photography .photos .pics .pictures .pink .qpon .red .rip .rocks .sexy .shiksha .solutions .space .support .systems .technology .tel .tips .today .tokyo .top .uno .wang .work .xyz .yokohama .ею .орг .コム .みんな .شبكة .संगठन .닷넷 .닷컴 .机构 .移动

Standard European Countries Extension

.at .be .ch .cz .de .dk .es .eu .fi .fr .gr .im .it .li .lt .lv .me .nl .no .pl .pt .se .uk

Standard African Countries Extension

.ga .ml .re .tf .yt .za

Standard American Countries Extension .bz .ca .cc .lc .pm .us

Standard Asia and Pacific Extension .asia .au .cn .in .nz .pw .tw .wf


Advanced Domains list


Advanced Generic Extension

.abogado .academy .accountant .actor .aero .airforce .alsace .amsterdam .army .associates .attorney .auction .band .barcelona .bargains .bayern .beer .berlin .bid .bike .bio .black .blackfriday .blog .boutique .brussels .builders .buzz .bzh .cab .cafe .camera .camp .capital .cards .care .careers .cash .catering .chat .cheap .christmas .church .claims .cleaning .clinic .clothing .coach .codes .coffee .community .computer .condos .construction .consulting .contractors .cooking .cool .corsica .country .courses .cricket .cruises .date .dating .deals .degree .delivery .democrat .dental .dentist .diamonds .digital .direct .discount .dog .domains .download .earth .engineer .engineering .enterprises .equipment .estate .events .exchange .expert .express .fail .faith .family .farm .fashion .feedback .finance .financial .fish .fishing .fit .fitness .flights .florist .flowers .football .forsale .foundation .frl .fund .furniture .fyi .games .garden .gent .gifts .gives .glass .gmbh .gripe .group .guide .guitars .guru .hamburg .haus .healthcare .hiphop .holdings .holiday .horse .hosting .house .immo .immobilien .industries .ink .insure .irish .ist .istanbul .kaufen .kitchen .kiwi .land .lat .lawyer .lease .legal .lgbt .life .limited .limo .live .loan .lol .london .love .ltd .ltda .maison .market .marketing .mba .media .memorial .menu .miami .moda .mom .money .mortgage .navy .news .nrw .nyc .online .ooo .osaka .paris .partners .parts .party .photo .pizza .place .plumbing .plus .poker .productions .properties .property .pub .quebec .racing .recipes .rehab .reisen .rentals .repair .report .republican .rest .restaurant .review .rodeo .ruhr .run .saarland .sale .sarl .school .science .scot .services .shoes .shop .shopping .show .singles .site .ski .soccer .social .software .solar .srl .studio .study .style .supplies .supply .surf .surgery .taipei .tattoo .tax .team .tech .tienda .tirol .tools .tours .town .toys .trade .training .tube .university .vacations .ventures .vet .viajes .video .villas .vision .vlaanderen .vodka .voyage .watch .webcam .website .wedding .whoswho .wien .wiki .win .works .world .wtf .yoga .zone .онлайн .сайт .بازار .中文网 .公司 .在线 .我爱你 .网络

Advanced European Countries Extension

.cat .gd .ie .lu .nu .ro .ru .sk .vc .рф

Advanced African Countries Extension

.ac .ng .sh

Advanced American Countries Extension .co .gs .gy .la .mx .pe .sx .vg

Advanced Asia and Pacific Extension .il .io .mn .sg .tv .ws .香港


Special Domains List


Special Generic Extension

.accountants .adult .apartments .archi .auto .autos .bank .bar .best .bible .bingo .broker .build .car .career .cars .casino .ceo .college .coop .coupons .credit .creditcard .cw .design .doctor .energy .eus .fans .film .forex .gal .game .global .gold .golf .green .hiv .hockey .homes .host .investments .jewelry .kyoto .law .loans .luxury .makeup .markets .melbourne .motorcycles .movie .ngo .ong .porn .press .protection .reise .reit .rent .rich .salon .security .sex .store .sucks .swiss .sydney .taxi .tennis .theater .theatre .tickets .tires .trading .travel .vegas .vin .vote .voting .voto .wine .xxx .健康 .八卦 .商城 .商标 .网店

Special European Countries Extension

.ad .al .ax .ba .bg .by .cy .ee .gf .gg .gi .gl .hr .hu .is .je .mc .md .mk .mt .nc .rs .si .sm .ua

Special African Countries Extension

.ao .bf .bi .bj .cd .cg .ci .cm .dj .dz .eg .et .gh .gm .gn .ke .ls .ly .ma .mg .mr .mu .mw .mz .na .rw .sn .so .st .tn .tz .ug

Special American Countries Extension

.ag .ai .ar .as .bb .bo .br .bs .cl .cr .cu .dm .do .ec .gp .gt .hn .ht .jm .kn .ky .mq .ms .ni .pa .pn .pr .py .sl .sv .tc .tt .uy .ve .vi

Special Asia and Pacific Extension

.ae .af .am .aq .az .bd .bn .ck .cx .fj .fm .fo .ge .hk .id .iq .ir .jo .jp .kg .ki .kr .kw .kz .lb .lk .mm .mo .mp .my .nf .np .nr .om .pg .ph .pk .ps .qa .sa .sb .sc .sr .sy .th .tj .tk .tl .tm .to .tr .uz .vn .vu .ye .中国