We all like to get value for money, and there’s nothing worse than buying a product or service and then finding it cheaper elsewhere, so we’ve come up with the following guarantee.

When you buy on Low Cost Web Agency, if later you find a lower rate on another site, just let us know and we’ll refund the difference to you. It’s that easy!

Of course, the lower price you find needs to be like for like – the same hosting specification, same Web Site specifications, Maintenance and Assistance Service etc. Our Price guarantee apply all the products you can buy online on lowcostwebagency.com.

The Best Price Guarantee only applies to prices both advertised and available to the general public on a website directed to end consumers. The website must be owned by a real Web Agency. It must be a registered company with at least 10 employees. We don’t accept freelancer websites and Freelancing market places. For example, this does not include rates offered on membership programme websites; corporate discounts or rates; rewards programme, incentive, meeting prices; prices obtained via auction or similar process; or prices available only by using a coupon or other promotion not offered to the general public.

The lower rate may not come from a website where you call to get the rate, or from an e-mail that you received.

The rate must be quoted and bookable in the same currency as offered on our website (without reference to currency converters).

All requests for the Best Price Guarantee are subject to verification by Low Cost Web Agency Ltd. We will not accept screenshots or other purported evidence of a lower price that we cannot independently confirm. Nor will we verify or fulfil any request that we believe, at our sole discretion, is the result of a printing or other error, or is made fraudulently or in bad faith.

If you are already a customer and think that you can be eligible for our Price guarantee, contact us.