If you want to understand the difference of a shared IP and a dedicated IP you must think that a dedicated IP is like a single and independent house to host your website meanwhile a shared IP will accommodate your website in an apartment of a building containing thousands of other apartments.

This cost recurs annually. Dedicated IP is only available if coupled with one of our hosting package. You can’t buy stand alone dedicated IP.

Dedicated IP is only available if your website, CMS, CRM, Landing page is hosted by us.

It’s quite mandatory to have a dedicated IP when you run an Ecommerce website and it’s strongly recommended to have it for any serious website. A dedicated IP means that your site have an IP address not shared with any other website.

A dedicated IP give:

  • a better protection for your email services. You emails will not finish in the spam folder of the recipients.
  • should a shared IP get blacklisted, your dedicated IP is not affected. Google will look at your site always as a safe website.
  • You show to google that you are serious with your business. Security is important for you and Google like it.
  • So you get potentially higher ranking in search engines
  • Your website have a potentially faster search indexing and loading time.