A static web site is written in HTML with CSS and sometimes Javascript. Here each page is a separate document and there is no database that saves the contents in or pulls the contents from. What this means functionally is that the only way to edit the site is to go into each page and edit the HTML – so you’d either have to do it yourself using a webpage editor like Dreamweaver. You must have some programming skills to do it or you need to pay us to go in and edit the site each time you wanted something changed.

A dynamic web site or a Content Management System / Ecommerce platform is written using a server side scripting language, like php and uses a database like mysql. You have more options with such a web site. For instance, you have an area, a back office, a back end, where you can log in and change various parts of the site, such as adding information, images or products. This is because each page is constructed based on the information in a database, and the information in that database can be changed via a graphical admin interface.

Dynamic sites can reduce ongoing maintenance costs if you don’t want to change things yourself with a webpage editor or with the HTML. They usually cost more to develop, as they require more complex coding and a content management utility needs to be developed to help you manage your website information.

Another benefit of dynamic sites is that they allow you to change only the content of the site and not the design, so you will not be able to accidentally break the visual style of the site. They have other benefits when sites start to get very large, as they make data management much more efficient and your site more expandable.

Static Website is a good and economic solution for Landing page and Specific Opt-in Page!