To build your website, we need to collect from you informations regarding the structure of the website you want, the menu title, your logo if you have one, the text of the pages and the products if we are doing an Ecommerce website. You must also let us know the name of the domain you want to use, the credentials to access to your hosting if you decide to host your site on your own, what are the email addresses we want us to configure for you. According the option you decide for there is a list of information that we will ask you.

The traditional process meaning the use of email to exchange this kind of information is not efficient at all. To facilitate your digital journey and the process of exchanging data between us, we use the Visual tracking platform from our partner Trackduck/Invision. You website will be build on a demo server where we will be able to interact with your visually. Each element of the temporary website who need to be replaced with your content will be visually indicated on your screen allowing you to submit directly all your content and indication. Check Trackduck website to see all the advanced features we offer to efficiently build your website exactly as you want. The use of trackduck is free for you. We sustain all the cost because we are convinced that is the best way to build your website let you interacting with us at any moment directly on the demo website.