You need a domain name for your website. At Low Cost Web Agency we offer only professional solutions.  You can find many free offer to do your site by yourself but you will not have a personal and unique name for your website. You may already have a domain or you can register it by yourself. However our domain offer is very convenient because it includes all the management of technical aspects of your domain name. You can register one ore many domain name only if you buy a product where the option is available.

When you opt for Domain name option, you understand that the registration cost indicated is for 12 months. At the moment of renewal you will be asked to pay the same amount for annual renewal. It’s a cost that recurs annually but nothing is done automatically, you will be asked to login and proceed to payment for renewal. You can decide at any moment to stop your domain name.

Low Cost Web Agency offers as part of our Web design Services the registration of a domain name on your behalf.
Domain name registration gives you exclusive rights to a certain name, such as, so that you can use it for your web-based purposes. You are NOT required to register a domain through us, but as explained before, we strongly prefer that you do, especially when you want your website to be hosted by us.

Our company is an official reseller of the registrar If you ask us to register your domain name on your behalf, your domain name will be registered with You will appear on the WHOIS database as sole Registrant Contact meanwhile our company will appear as Administrative & Technical Contact.
When your domain is registered by us, we supply to you the credentials of your Gandi account. At any moment you can ask Gandi to unlink your domain name from our Company and you remain always the unique owner of your domain name.

Where Low Cost Web Agency Pvt. Ltd. registers a domain name on behalf of the client, Low Cost Web Agency Pvt. Ltd. does not guarantee that any particular requested domain name will be available until confirmation has been received from the naming authority. In the same way, Low Cost Web Agency PVt. Ltd. don’t give any guarantee that you are eligible to register a specific extensions. You must check before your order on this page. what are the Domain Name special conditions if any to ensure you fulfil the requirements. No refund will be granted for unavailable domain or because you don’t fulfil the requirements to register the extension you want. If the domain name indicated by you during the buying process is not available, or its extension is not suitable for you, you must provide us, upon our request, an available and suitable domain name as replacement.

In purchasing or renewing domain names on behalf of the client, Low Cost Web Agency Pvt.Ltd. is acting solely as the client’s agent and accepts no responsibility for the continuance or otherwise of that registered domain name.

We have no liability for domain names that are not registered by us and associated with your accounts.

In order to facilitate your buying process, we have created 3 categories of domain names according to their extension. Each category shows a group of available extension with an unique Registration fee. Before buying any Website Site design, please check what is the category of the domain name you want and select the correspondent category during the buying process. Low Cost Web Agency Pvt. Ltd. will not accept any responsibility for mistakes you can do and will not offer any refund in case you indicate a wrong category during the buying process.

Please note that our Domain Services are limited by default to one year renewable. In the event you are interested to register your domain for several years from start, please contact us after you bought our Web Design services and we will extend the validity of your domain name upon successive payment of remaining annual fees.
In the same way, if you want to register more than one domain name, as example to protect your name with Country extension, just contact us after buying the registration service of your domain name and we will register the others desired domains upon the payment of the annual fees.
If you already own one or many domain name trough your hosting or registrar, you can opt for the transfer of all your domain name under a single account on As for our registration services, you will appear on the WHOIS database as sole Registrant Contact meanwhile our company will appear as Billing & Technical Contact. You need to ensure before buying that your domain name is transferable (unlocked, enough time before renewal date). In case of doubt please enquire your actual registrar or hosting provider.

Please review all the extensions available on https:// and ensure that the domain name you want is available before buying. You may also look for the list on our Faqs.

If you want to register your domain name by yourself, you can use the services of the Registrar Eurodns. It’s a good alternative to Gandi, specially for the registration of geo-targeted Domain name without the need of local addresses.

Use the window below to look for the availability of your domain name.