As part of our Web Design Services when you opt for our Hosting services, whether Basic hosting or VIP hosting, you can decide to have an SSL certificate attached to your website. We are not selling SSL certificate as standalone product. The unique certificate available as option during the buying process are SSL certificate issued by Let’s encrypt. While Let’s encrypt certificate are free certificate, when you opt for an SSL certificate, Low Cost Web Agency Pvt. Ltd will charge a fee for the configuration and maintenance of the SSL certificate. This

The free TLS certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt are subject to their terms and conditions .

If you need an SSL certificate issued by an authority who is not Let’s encrypt, please contact us to enquire the cost.

If you opt for the option “Cpanel access” and considering the eventual mandatory requirement as could be a dedicated IP, an SSL certificate from a third party is a possibility also, although we don’t recommend it.

When using a third party SSL certificate bought independently, you are responsible for implementing, maintaining and renewing the certificate.