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Google Analytics


Low Cost Web Agency implements and structures the report you need in order to see your visitors actions and clicks on your website.

Only when measuring what your audience is doing in your website you can improve the quality and increase the number of people visiting your website! Low Cost Web Agency customizes your reports, thus helping you to understand and act according to your visitors preferences.


Low Cost Web Agency links your website to Google Analytics and optimizes all reports you need to improve your website and web strategy

Get a full report about your website performance and its visitors!

We adapt each report accordingly to your specific needs and to your website main objective. In order to succeed, it is helpful and crucial to understand what your visitors are clicking more and less in your website articles. This means that you can get statistics of every click in your website. Therefore, Data Analytics is necessary to define the needed improvement that you can do to enhance your website visibility.

Additionally, you can also choose to link your landing page or your website with your Google AdWords campaign. When people click on your ads, Google Analytics will track these clicks and calculate your conversion rate and ROI of your campaign!

Low Cost Web Agency provides you the tool and relevant reports to efficiently analyze your website visits and performance!

In order to properly support you, we need to know at which stage of implementation you currently are! You can choose between two different options: Set-up Google Analytics and/or Google Analytic optimization. Firstly, we study the objective of your site and Google Analytics to add relevant reports into your Analytics tool. Secondly, our Google experts review your current settings and set up the changes to optimize the most adequate Google Analytics report.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytic Optimization, Set-up Google Analytics

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