Nowadays, search engine optimization is one of the greatest keys to enhance your business in this competitive marketing world, yet people feel difficulties to protect their data in a secure way. Now you don’t need to worry about that because the General data protection regulation does. It will change the way of the internet usage and it will protect data for the future. GDPR appreciated as one of the main steps towards data control and protection on the internet, which has been one of the major problems on quite almost all the websites that need user information and private data.

The GDPR is also appreciated as a timely event, which impacts the millions of social media users, especially the Facebook users with significant data being altered. This sort of issues also need several data regulations to prevent the data and able to solve the issues immediately.


The GDPR is a set of EU laws. Its main goal is to provide a set of standardized data protection laws across Europe. This should make it easier for you to understand how your data is being used.

The Goal of lawfulness, simplicity, and fairness: Processing personal data must be done with lawfulness, fairness to the individual, satisfying reasonable expectations as to how the data will be used.
The goal of usage limitation: The data processors can only use the data for the objectives they have explicitly described and justified.
The goal of data minimization: The information that is required has to be relevant to its purpose and limited to what is necessary.
The goal of reality & accuracy: If some of the data is inaccurate, it should be removed or rectified.
The goal of storage control: Data is kept in a form which permits identification of persons for no longer than what is necessary for the purposes of witch personal data is processed.
The goal of honesty and privacy: This principle stands for taking all required measures to ensure all the personal data are protected.

GDPR impacts on SEO

Generally, Search engine optimization is a valuable, effective and the best way to market your business. Now it will be more effective with GDPR. It applies EU based companies and companies that collects detail of EU citizens.

The GDPR can impact SEO in many ways, such as

• Effects on website goals
• Impacts on analytics
• Compliance with the ranking algorithm

Effects on website goals

The GDPR affects any company that collects or processes personal data of EU citizens because it focuses on informing individuals about how their data being used and stored, or, data transparency. You need to make sure that your policies and documentation support this transparency when you collect your customer’s personal information from online forms, an e-commerce store, or others. For example, you may not actively sell to Europe, but if there is a chance that a citizen of the EU could submit a form on your website, you must handle that data within the regulations of the GDPR

Compliance with ranking algorithm

As of now, GDPR compliance does not influence the ranking algorithms, at least; Google did not declare it until now. If it is optional for now, it does not mean that it will be optional forever. Remember HTTPS? It was an optional first then it becomes a significant algorithm that affects your ranking.