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Preventive maintenance protects your website from web malware

Preventive website care can help to protect both your web image safety and your investment. You should be aware that a huge amount of websites get blacklisted daily by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and others because hackers have injected malware on them. Certainly, after being blacklisted no one can access and visit your website until you have cleaned the malware and requested to Google a re-integration. As a result, malware attack causes lost revenue, reputation, and a high chance to infect even your customers. This issue is present everyday and more as thousands of new websites created are being a target of hackers. Indeed they are economical ways to get companies online. All companies are nowadays protecting their PCs from viruses using anti-virus, still, a very little number of them are also protecting their websites from malware. Many people consider that are protected by their web hosting company or thanks to the use of frameworks like WordPress, Joomla and more. However, this isn’t the case! Low Cost Web Agency offers Security Malware Monitor, Removal and as well as a Professional Cloud Back Up Automatic System of your website. With these products, you mitigate any hacking or failing risk on your website.


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