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Newsletter Pay Per Campaign


A tool to manage your Newsletters Campaign, a great idea… isn’t it?

Low Cost Web Agency allows you to find the offer which suits your budget. Don’t wait longer and get a professional tool and assistance to manage your Newsletter Campaigns!


Low Cost Web Agency provides you a custom offer to fit your needs

Our Newsletter Management tool gives more efficiency to your campaign…

In this competitive business world, companies address personalized emails to their customers in order to be more attentive and to keep informed to their customers about their recent updates.

The secret is to implement a Newsletter Management tool which is helpful to share your promotional offers, to spread corporate news or to invite customers to an event. The goal is to attract new customers or to give a global message to a large number of contacts.

If you already want to create your newsletter, you have probably noticed by now that the newsletter management is not an easy process! You need to manage its design, the contact list and of course its full optimization. Indeed, the main objective of a Newsletter is to be opened and read by people!

We provide you the relevant tool… Just choose the payment method that you prefer!

Low Cost Web Agency provides you a specific tool to manage your campaign. You can opt for a per campaign offer or a monthly subscription offer. The tool allows you to share your message in a professional manner by respecting all applicable business rules and regulations. You are more efficient and professional in a competitive business where each customer’s communication needs to be controlled.

Low Cost Web Agency assists you during the sending process and advises you at any needed moment. You won’t be alone in this process… Low Cost Web Agency guides you!

Remarque: This tool gives you access to the management tool which is a different service than Newsletter design.

What else, buy now!

We suggest you to opt for monthly payment if you are a serial newsletter sender. See the table below.

PriceBased on the contacts' number rangeBased on the contacts' number rangeBased on the contacts' number range
CapacitySend limited emails to X peopleSend unlimited emails to X peopleSend unlimited emails to X people
Custom Success Manager--Yes
Email Design Consultant--Yes
Email SupportBasic email supportPriority email supportPriority Skype and email support
FeaturesAll core email marketing featuresAll core email marketing featuresAll core email marketing features
Inbox preview-UnlimitedUnlimited
Link Tracking--Advanced
Marketing Automation-AdvancedAdvanced
Module AccessBasic marketing automationAccess to deliverability expertsAccess to deliverability experts
Spam Testing-UnlimitedUnlimited
Template Management for Teams--Yes
Email Design Consultant--Yes
Online Training & OnBoarding--Yes

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