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Photo editing – Remove background


Low Cost Web Agency removes the background of your images. Images with high quality will help you to increase your conversion rates, increase your sales, increase your brand value and lightweight your files. Most of our customers interested by our Remove background services are ecommerce owners looking to insert in their website only product images with the best quality. Our service is made by hand, one by one. We don’t use any automatic software in order to provide only an excellent result.


Low Cost Web Agency removes the background of any picture you need

Use your picture as you want with the background of your choice or no background at all… Fully transparent or colored.

Mainly, professionals choose to remove the background of their original photo to get an excellent quality. Different choices for your new background are available: transparent, white, black, or green or any other color you may want. In addition, you can provide us a specific background. As example, in back of your picture, we can add a business building or coconuts trees according to the target that you are pursuing. In case of specific background, you need to provide us the picture that you want as background.

Our senior designer will ensure you the best result by taking care of every detail on your picture. This will only allow you to get the best quality when you will want to integrate a new specific background.

Remarks : Please add in your cart the same number of article than the number of images you need to work and specify which kind of background you want to get (transparent; black; white, colored or specific background).

Based on the image, we define a level of difficulty, which allows us to fix the price and estimate the working time needed to produce your image. Try to be the most objective possible when you select the level of difficulties.

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