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Shortage of IT profiles! Are you concerned?

Low Cost Web Agency helps you ensure the sustainability of your business and the continuity of your operations during the war in Ukraine

Many foreign companies in the computer and information technology field have seen their projects interrupted because of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

As the war rages in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia only increase, several companies working in the IT sector with Ukraine and Russia are hit hard by the war. A large part of them found themselves overnight without their developers and Webmasters.
In the computer and information technology field, some particular part for the creation of websites and mobile applications, Ukraine is recognized as being one of the leading players in the world for the outsourcing of computer services. .

In 2020, the Embassy of Ukraine in London estimated that the value of trade with Great Britain regarding this sector continues to increase. It was without counting on the war which appeared since. Computer services correspond to 50% of the total trade between the two countries with an annual amount of approximately 350 million dollars (before the conflict). According to the “Fortune 500” ranking, more than 100 companies around the world rely on Ukrainian companies for their IT outsourcing.

Here is the list of the main leading countries for IT outsourcing according to the site.

CountrySalary FromSalary Max
The Philippines$10,500n/a


What is the impact of this Ukrainian and Russian conflict on companies in the IT sector?

The escalating fighting in Ukraine has generated an unparalleled movement of population migration, with more than 2 million displaced since the start of the Russian offensives. This large-scale population migration has greatly reduced and destroyed the economic activities of Russia and Ukraine with the outside world.
This war has resulted in creating a labor shortage, thus forcing many companies to review or completely drop projects undertaken as subcontractors with agencies or freelancers in the Ukrainian and Russian IT sector.

How Low Cost Web Agency can help you and guarantee the continuity of your IT projects?

Whether you are a web agency, a digital marketing agency or an end customer, you have undoubtedly heard of our agency, Low Cost Web Agency Private Limited. Created in 2013, in Pondicherry, with the ambition of being the cheapest web agency on the market, we have helped several hundred companies, around the world, to improve their presence on the Web, thanks to our creation services website and digital marketing.

Low Cost Web Agency is run by Alexandre MENINI, holder of a Master of Science in Laws and Economics from the University of Bordeaux and a graduated from prestigious Bordeaux Business School, Kedge, with an MBA ranked as one of the best Masters in the world with a focus on, International Purchasing Management. MAI Bordeaux.

Before leading the most competitive Web agency on the market, Alexandre held the position of Purchasing Director in several companies for nearly 20 years, taking him to work on highly strategic projects.

Residing in South India, Tamil Nadu, not far from India’s Silicon Valley, BangaloreHe now makes his extensive skills available to his clients to help them boost their online business, make them global, while reducing the costs associated with their digital presence. This location in India is the source of the value proposition offered by Low Cost Web Agency. He is incomparable. India is the world’s largest pool of IT profiles. By having Alexandre, on site in Pondicherry, you have a reliable partner, who speaks your language, who understands your needs and who will be allocated the appropriate resources for your project. Alexandre can count on a qualified and multicultural team to meet all of your company’s digital needs.

Alexandre is fluent in four languages, French, Spanish, Italian and English, which allows him to support his clients from 5 continents without any misunderstanding that may arise from language barriers. Small businesses, whether French, Italian, or Spanish, need to have a contact person who speaks their native languages in order to be able to express their needs in the best possible way and in detail. Alexandre guarantees that your specifications will be understood and that the service provided will meet your expectations.

Low Cost Web Agency can rely among other things, on a pool of experts spread across the world to offer its clients everything they need to excel on the Web.

By using our agency, you will be able to fill efficiently and at a lower cost, your shortage of IT manpower caused by the war between Ukraine and Russia, and thus ensure the continuity of your operations and your projects, whether for you or your clients if you are a web agency for example.

Low Cost Web Agency, the web partner that accompanies you in difficult times!

Accumulating hundreds of successfully completed missions, Low Cost Web Agency is positioned as one of the best digital services agencies, in terms of the quality and price of the services provided.

Low Cost Web Agency offers its clients the development of websites or e-commerce.

1. The creation of websites

With the collaboration of experienced developers, Low Cost Web Agency is committed to designing websites advocating impeccable quality.
We perfectly master the following languages and technologies: PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Arduino, Matlab, C, C++, Javascript .
We rely on Frameworks/Systems such as: Symfony, CodeIgniter, MVC, VueJS, Vuetify, Vuesax, Django, NuxtJS, Bootstrap, Centos OS, Windows, etc.
We use CMS WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, essentially, but we can work on any CMS on the market.
The websites provide a best-in-class customer experience and are pleasant to consult on all mobile devices.
The satisfaction of our customers and their success on the Web is our main concern. To this end, you can consult the many recommendations of our customers satisfied with our services on Google and LinkedIn.

2. The development of e-commerce sites.

Our e-commerce sites are made with Woocommerce, Hikashop, Virtuemart, Opencart, PrestaShop, Magento or Shopify depending on the customer’s needs and the specificity of their catalog of products or services offered online.
The Low Cost Web Agency strives to offer sites with a modern and elegant design, but above all selling, because the supreme objective is to sell your products and services through digital.
Your e-commerce site, developed or brought up to date by us, will not only allow you to better present your products or services, improve your visibility and your referencing, but essentially increase your sales, thanks to an attractive online stores. We help you to increase the share of your turnover generated on the Web.

3. Coding and debugging services.

Low Cost Web Agency offers to intervene in case of problems occurring on your site via its coding and debugging services . These services consist of detecting and understanding the errors that caused the damage, the bug, and remedying them as soon as possible.
You will surely also use our agency to ensure the maintenance and outsourcing of your site and your server, because I remind you, you will not find it cheaper than Low Cost Web Agency.
By choosing Low Cost Web Agency, you offer your website all the assets it needs to be spotted by Google, and to be chosen by the search engine, to be ranked among its first results for a particular keyword.

4. Development of web and mobile applications

Low Cost Web Agency supports its clients upstream and downstream in the process of creating a web application or a mobile app from scratch, that is to say starting from a blank sheet. This support is provided through the analysis, design, development, deployment and maintenance of your application. The agency also performs the API integrations you may need. Whether for an intrenet, a website or a mobile application, Low Cost Web Agency is the right reflex to have.

5. Security

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more frequent, hence the need for companies to protect their data and images on the web.
In order to secure all part of your information systems against possible computer attacks, Low Cost Web Agency offers you the possibility of, save a copy of your website or e-commerce outside the server where your site is hosted in order to be able to restore all of your digital activities in a few minutes in the event of a problem.

Four reasons that make Low Cost Web Agency your best choice!

  1. The rates charged by Low Cost Web Agency are the lowest on the market.
    Indeed, the agency undertakes to reimburse you the difference if you find lower prices on the market than what it offers.
  2. Expertise – The agency has more than 10 years of experience working for clients from different sectors and from all over the world. Low Cost Web Agency is the only French, English, Spanish and Italian multilingual Web agency installed on Indian territory.
  3. When the war gets over, Low Cost Web Agency undertakes to return, free of charge and without penalty, the projects of clients affected by this conflict to their respective agencies and freelancers.
  4. The values shared by Low Cost Web Agency are transparency and ethics, values that are often rare in the IT outsourcing sector.

Low Cost Web Agency’s proposal to reduce the negative impact on your IT activities of the war between Ukraine and Russia

Low Cost Web Agency offers, to all companies whose activities have suffered a slowdown or interruptions in their current IT projects, to help them as soon as possible. Our responsiveness is one of our strengths. Your problem is placed immediately at the heart of our concerns in order to put the best possible solution to ensure the continuity of your activity and continue to benefit from your sales channel, the Web.

What is it exactly? How to recruit an IT profile in these times of shortage?

Low Cost Web Agency puts at your disposal its expert resources of IT development and digital services by offering you the same level of price or cheaper than the Ukrainian and Russian tariffs which you were subject to.
In addition, once peace has been restored between Ukraine and Russia, we will transfer, if you wish, your projects to your historical service providers, whether Ukrainian or Russian, without any cost or penalty.

You are in trouble because of the Ukraine-Russia war. You found yourself overnight without your team of offshore developers, but do not hesitate to contact us. Low Cost Web Agency is here to help you.