What is a good logo?

Why Your Logo IS Really Important?

Your Logo is the sample of your expertise and when it’s designed with care it becomes your first marketing tool to enhance the loyalty of your customers. Your logo is a powerful marketing tool for promoting your business by establish your brand awareness. It’s a must have for any professional designed website. Low-Cost Web Agency offers perfect Logo Design Service at reasonable cost. Our professional logo designers understand your requirement in order to let your brand become a best-in-class recognisable brand. You can buy your new Logo directly through our online shop. Below, we have some elements that we consider as primary importance for creating a good logo.

• Be unique and clever

A clever and unique logo design means that the image will stand out from the rest of the competitors in the market. Many brands fails to build a brand because they don’t have an impressive logo. So, we ensure that your logo is not the imitation of famous brands or a copy of the logos of your competition. We should try to create something magical that is different from those logos seen everywhere. A five stars logo helps you to escape from troubles like copyright and plagiarism issues etc.

• Understand the brand

Understand your brand is not that much easy because each business is unique. Each business has its own specificity, which is differentiated by the way the brand is projected. We first understand your brand, your target customers, your competitors, and your geographical market. Then only we start to create a unique logo with the help of our experienced and professional designers.

• Color is Key

Color is one of the most important keys for your logo because it attracts the attention of the people. We bring the plan and concepts into reality by designing Logos. We choose a perfect combination of colors, shape, and looks for the best ways to represent your company. Colors combination could be complex but don’t worry. Our designers are here to define with you the best color combination to express the values of your brand.

     Our basic rules to keep in mind are:

  • Use colors near to each other on the color wheel.
  • Don’t use colors that are so bright because they are hard for the eyes.
  • We use a specific combination of colors that helps to attract your targeted customers.

Knowing how colors evoke feelings and moods is important because each color have a unique representation. For example, red can evoke feelings of aggression, love, passion, and strength. So we keep this in mind to try out different color combinations and try to match the suit of colors to overall the tone and feel of your brand.

• What’s in the name?

The word marks will allow your customers to remember the name of your company or brand easily. If your company has a unique brand name, then you can blindly go for the word marks, because a unique name reaches will give you a competitive advantage. Look at brands like IBM, Ray Ban, and Coca-Cola, etc. Low Cost Web Agency helps you to choose the best Wordmark Logo to boost you business.

• Brand Identity

Upstream the design of your logo, we research for your brand’s current position and analyze its strengths and weaknesses. We compare your brand with its competitors. We share the outcome of the research with you, providing analytics details on how the logo should be positioned. After that, we start to design a great logo for your business enhancement.

• Keep it simple

The simplest solution is often the most effective. Why? Simple logos automatically deliver the brands message to the audience. Our unique way of minimalist approach enables your logo to be used across a wide range of media, such as on business cards, billboards, and pin badges or website etc. Our simple logo creation strategy can help you get more references and customers.

• Design, eligibility, style, imagery

  • We don’t like Logos that become blurred by changing the size, Don’t worry with that, Low Cost Web Agency delivers High Resolution Logos with Vector files.
  • We take feedback from our staff and you while we are creating your logo because we love to know different opinions. Then we modify the logo design according to your feedback.
  • Our designer loves creativity and they design upon request 2D or 3D Logos, Motion Pictures etc.
  • We make your Logo design unique, yet having complete relevance to your business, and we convey your message clearly.
  • We develop new Logos and also update previous Logos of the clients.
  • Besides being a unique piece, your logo design must also be an example of clever use of colors, fonts and other elements. Our designers think creatively to come out with an impressive and clean design that helps in putting across a business message.

• Make it timeless

Designing a timeless logo has always been a pivotal opportunity for brands to attract new customers. Nowadays, everything is changing in this world at lightning speed. Though, we grip to the standard that what we know. We are creating a timeless logo that represents classic values of strength, confidence, and expertise with the standard of modern and innovative technologies. Our Timeless Logo creation visually supports great branding strategies and creates real impressions in the minds of your prospects and clients.